2018 Mid Year Goals

2018 is my last year of university, and probably my last year in Brisbane and even Australia, so I’m really trying to get my life on track, so that I can attempt to start a fresh and positive life in 2019. At the start of 2018 I made a list of 20 things that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. Some I have succeeded in, most I have not yet, so I figured I would just repost these goals to refresh my intentions.


  1. Find a job
  2. Get no lower than Distinctions at university
  3. Go back to Cairns and visit family
  4. Visit friends outside of Queensland and Australia
  5. Save enough money to comfortably enjoy Shanghai 
  6. Be my goal clothing size by my 25th birthday
  7. Learn to love myself and continuously grow
  8. Stand up for myself more and learn to say no or talk about my issues with people, when they occur
  9. Get over my fear and learn to drive
  10. Graduate university with a 6.0 GPA
  11. Find my passion in life. Find a direction that I wasn’t to go in and make a plan
  12. Get back to Disney! Apply to work on a Disney Cruise Line. Apply for Casting or Production Disney Professional Internship
  13. Apply for an internship with Buzzfeed
  14. Move to England at the end of the year or have a plan to move there in the future
  15. Save money
  16. Be happier and more positive. Don’t be unnecessarily negative about myself or other people
  17. Find my style and get a whole new wardrobe
  18. Eat healthily and drink 2 litres of water, daily
  19. Exercise everyday
  20. Be more social and make new friends




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